The world of theatre scenography and operas is at your hand!

Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o. is an International company that produces unusual and unique products for its customers. We are one of the very few companies in Poland to produce theatrical scenery, opera decorations, event decorations, but also arrangements in museums and other cultural centres. Our activity is based on exceptionally rich experience, knowledge of the industry and using the most modern technologies in the creation of our products.

Modern technological processes, machines and equipment, allow us to deliver products of the highest quality, to the most demanding customers, who value the final effect, appropriate quality and timely execution. From the very beginning, our company has been focusing on improving the skills of our employees and continuous development of our machinery, which allows us to create unique theatre decorations and opera decorations. Our highly skilled employees create projects and stage designs that cannot be compared to any other 

Decorations give the opportunity to sink into unexplored places in our imagination. They allow us to imagine worlds, stories and alternative realities that do not exist. Thanks to the creativity of our artists and the imagination of our scriptwriters we can freely shape these worlds and present you with the most hidden dreams, desires and unexplored corners where mythical creatures, elves, sorcerers, kings and knights live. The scenery also allows us to show fables and fairy tales that we know only from children’s books and fairy tales, read good night.  It is not only about making theatre decorations. Together we can tell a story that delights people who want to experience an unforgettable impression.

We could talk about our work a lot. It’s our everyday work. We are fascinated with constant developing and designing new projects, delivered by our customers every day. Thanks to the implementation of hundreds of projects that we have had the pleasure to perform in the form of decorations for theatres, opera or event scenery, we have not only experience, but also gained a very valuable knowledge of the requirements and expectations of our customers, which are theatres and operas throughout Poland and Europe. We have carried out projects for clients in Austria and Germany. We also had a great pleasure to create scenery for popular performances and shows for the biggest theatre, opera or film productions.

Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o. has gained particular prestige and recognition by creating, at the turn of the past years, decorations for Europe’s largest music festival on water – Seefestspiele Morbisch, located in Austria. The work on this fascinating and engaging project can be seen below…

 If you are interested in cooperation with our company in the production of theatre decorations, opera decorations or museum decorations, we invite you to our company’s headquarters in Lubin, where we will be happy to show you around the production hall, show you our modern machinery and demonstrate how we create our decorations. On your request, our designers and constructors will visit you to talk about the newest technologies and present our design proposals.

Theatrical decorations is the art of presenting an imagination in the real world

Every time you visit the National Theatre in Warsaw or the Wrocław Opera, you will be able to admire the theatrical decorations that were made by our company for performances and beautiful theatrical and opera events. We are proud to be able to share this fact with you, because each time we have the pleasure of working with such wonderful clients who trust our company, we can always proudly boast fruitful cooperation and projects that delight the audience at each performance.

It is not true that it is only the performance and acting that create the right atmosphere, because what would every event be if it wasn’t for theatrical scenery or decorations that coexist with the spirit of the whole performance?

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