Acrylic sculptures

Realistic 3D sculptures

Acrylic figures who live their lives...

Acrylic elements are an increasingly popular form, allowing to complete any interior design and scenery. The realistic appearance of acrylic sculptures makes them used as an alternative to traditional sculptures and other forms, which are made by hand and in other ways that require much more time.

We produce our sculptures using a high performance five-axis milling machine which allows us to produce any elements of different sizes and details. In case of small and very demanding details, we have practically unlimited possibilities. Acrylic sculptures by Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o. are inspiring shapes, which perfectly combine with any arrangement.

When designing our sculptures, we are always guided by our rich experience and the possibility of creating any figure and shape, thanks to a modern technological park and professional machines that allow us to create any sculpture. Thanks to our technological capabilities, we are able to offer you many possibilities without the need to search for compromises. Our design and manufacturing capabilities are almost unlimited.

Acrylic sculptures stunningly realistic

In our studio, we design and manufacture acrylic figures with attention to the smallest details. We shape each sculpture based on a detailed plan. We use the latest technologies and 3D techniques, thanks to which we can obtain such a unique perfection of each acrylic sculpture, and thanks to the complex work of our 5-axis milling machine, we obtain smooth and stable operation so that each of our clients can be sure that we will create unique acrylic sculptures.

Acrylic sculptures stunningly realistic

No matter what you need, our machine park will be ready for you and your project. According to strict guidelines, we will create acrylic figures that grace every ceremony, exhibition, event and stage design that requires creative solutions. We make acrylic sculptures with the highest precision and care, which present themselves as real works of art.

We are not afraid of this statement, because our sculptures are created with attention to the smallest details, thanks to which we are able to reflect the natural shapes of the selected object. Therefore, whether they are faces of people, ears of grain, animal figures or huge human sculptures, thanks to our precise milling machine, we are able to reproduce the finest details of each project.

Our acrylic sculpture projects

If you want to know why clients are willing to choose Deko-Bau brand in order to realize high-budget projects, see our portfolio of Acrylic Sculpture. So far we have served clients from many industries. We offer acrylic sculptures, used both during theatre and opera performances and during events and various exhibitions. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can make any sculptures and acrylic configurations.


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