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Unforgettable opera decorations

Deko-Bau is a company that produces really great opera decorations and fantastic scenography that will take you to another dimension so that you can / can taste a piece of the imagination of the masters of stage design. Thanks to their dedication and commitment you will experience wonderful moments during the performance, and we will guarantee you an amazing and fantastic experience during every event and performance.

Spending time together with friends or family will become unforgettable moments, as we try to make our productions realistic and perfectly suited to each performance. We can safely say that each scenography is a small work of opera art, thanks to which we are able to move and interest the audience during each performance.

Opera set design, thanks to Deko-Bau takes on a new and fresh meaning, thanks to our realizations, which we create both for trusted clients in Poland and all over Europe. For many years we have been cooperating with operas from many European countries, which strive for our company with great trust and when we have the pleasure, we always accompany them during events for which we create opera decorations.

We' ve been creating Opera Decorations for a decade now

The company Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o. exists for more than a decade and was established more than 10 years ago, when opera scenery and decorations and sculptures made for performances, were not made in such modern technology as it is nowadays. Our company was born out of a passion for theatrical and operatic art.

We are fascinated by the possibility of co-creating unforgettable opera performances, which are remembered by spectators all over Europe. We want to create unique and fantastic opera decorations that will delight and move the hearts and souls of the audience. Thanks to the desire for continuous improvement and development, our company is now creating scenery that will be admired by audiences who are fascinated by the art of opera.

Our rich portfolio includes original productions, which we have had the pleasure to create thanks to the imagination and extraordinary talent of opera set designers, without which our unique decorations could not have been created. Our opera decorations are all the more memorable because we create them thanks to our extensive experience and many years of practice in the industry.

Opera set design is for us a daily struggle with fascinating projects of scriptwriters whose imagination knows no boundaries. This allows us to arouse the emotions and admiration of every viewer who can move far into the past or future. By producing our amazing decorations, we allow viewers to visit ancient cities and fantastic places that exist only in our imagination.

Opera set design today and tomorrow

When we look back and look at our completed projects, we have the impression that without rich experience and knowledge, we would not be able to offer our customers modern solutions. Decorative manufacturing technologies have changed over the decades and are now based on people and machines adapted to work.

Opera decorations that we create with them are different and a large part of the manual work can be transferred to the shoulders of the machines we operate. Thanks to such solutions we provide our customers with decorations and sculptures in a shorter time, thanks to which the projects can be finished in a different time and completed much faster.

However, what would our work be if it were not for the experience and skills of our trusted employees, artists and scriptwriters - people who design, create and finish every scenography, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in creating opera scenography and decoration.

Cooperation with our employees allows us to build fantastic relationships, thanks to which the decorations and scenery created in our company reflect our passion for the art of opera and the hard work put into each project. Opera set design created for our clients, allows us to present you with the world of decoration in such a way that during each performance it reaches not only the imagination but also the heart.

We create decorations with the idea that we build fantastic creations of the surroundings and the right climate for each performance, thanks to which the viewers will be able to move to a different world and dimension. Thanks to the decorations you will be able to enter places that are available only in our imagination, are discussed in stories and fairy tales!

Deko-Bau - passion and experience!

Opera art has always been fascinating for us. For hundreds of years, man has been creating art that reflects his dreams, imagination and alternative realities, created to break away from everyday life. For centuries, we have been creating sculptures, beautiful paintings and opera and theatre performances, which are known all over the world.

Since mankind has existed, we also create timeless music that captivates crowds. Art should reflect human nature and man's unlimited imagination to create unique and unique things. And that's what it's all about. Art should go to the hearts and imagination of the audience and the audience.

This is the kind of art we want to co-create by producing opera scenery and decorations for opera performances. That is why every day we want to reach the most demanding audience through the art of creating decorations. We are aware that this is how we can look at the world from a completely different angle.

And thanks to the art of opera, we can experience incredible adventures, move to the past and the future, if we feel like it. To places that we discover only in our imagination.

Our scenery and opera decorations

It is said that you can recognize a man who works hard by his hands and the work he puts in every day, not by the words he says, boasting that he is a great specialist. Deko-Bau are hard work and opera decorations which are not created with a light hand but are designed by artists - set designers and our experienced staff - specialists in creating and finishing stagings with great precision and attention to detail during work.

Every day we work on great scenography projects for our customers who, like us, do not like compromises. That's why they don't choose price over quality and quality over price, because for our customers it's the highest quality of workmanship that matters most. Knowing what our customers expect, we make sure every day that all projects are created with attention to the smallest details, according to the guidelines.


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